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rebel_barbies's Journal

Rebel Barbies ♥
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This is a livejournal community for people who own old barbies and have nothing else better to do with them. Here are possible solutions people can do with their barbies rather than discarding them or giving them away:

1. chop their hair off
2. give them a facial make-over
3. design your own style of clothing for them
4. turn them into a/an emo, punk, goth, rocker or set them into a character time period (ie. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s)
5. all of the above

If this is what you like to do during your leisure time, please join this community. Take photos of your doll and share them with everyone so they can see what talent you possess, or do it just because.

Now your creation doesn't necessarily have to be a barbie (although I encourage the use of barbies because that is what the community is mainly focused on) but can be your old rag doll or maybe even a stuffed animal if you like working with things like that.

This isn't a community for ratings. I don't want to see people who compete at who can create a cooler barbie and bashing others for doing a such a "poor" job. No one sucks, it's all in a matter of boredom and creativity. Have fun with it!