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two new dolls

finally got some OOAKing done today. painted two dollies, both barbies. both had half-paints (where i painted one eye and left the original paint on the other), but i just redid them completely. they look very amazing to me. the second is only a partial repaint; i left her lips as they were, though i added fangs (she looked like a vampire to me).

Image hosted by
i really like this one a lot. she turned out quite well. she has pink and white striped socks, too. i just didn't feel like posting those pictures. i'm a bit lazy today.

Image hosted by
my "vampire" of sorts. i usually think these look goofy, but i like her. her eyebrows are my favourite part. like i said, i left the lips alone, other than adding fangs. my mother suggested the fangs, i believe, and i agreed with her. (she's quite a smart lady!)

what do you guys think?
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