as plaid as she wants to be (plaidedbra) wrote in rebel_barbies,
as plaid as she wants to be

knitted hats!

i don't know if the Tyler dolls count as "rebel barbies", so delete this post if it's not applicable.

i've been very busy, knitting up a storm. here are some of the fruits of my labours:
Image hosted by
a set consisting of a hat, a scarf and a shrug knit using a ribbon type yarn.
(i'm in love with this yarn!)

Image hosted by
cute blue hat. i thought it looked like something a gnome, troll or some sort of faerie folk would wear.

Image hosted by
pink pixie hat. i love it to death, and i'm sorry to part with it. but then i remember that i can make another, so it's not too bad.

Image hosted by
that's all the hats i'm going to sell. there's a pink version of the blue hat that hasn't been listed yet, and might not be listed, so please disregard it from the photo. if someone really wants it, though, i can post it.

and to see more pictures, click here to view the auctions.
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