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eBay postings!

click here

i don't know if you remember my last post. anyway, if you remember (or decide to look in the archive), all that stuff is on eBay now! go go, run! all of this will be posted ONLY ONCE! you snooze you lose, sorry. i can't afford to post these more than once. if you buy more than one item, you'll totally save on shipping. in fact, if you buy as much as you can, it'll all be compacted into one little box to help you save money!

well, if you're broke, such as I, go ahead and view 'em anyway. most of the auctions are episodes of Finola and Friends, the only all-doll talkshow ever! yes, i have a lot of time on my hands. btw, i painted and built the set all by myself. *beams* ^___^
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