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lotsa pictures!

hey, i've got a lot to post. i've been cleaning out all of my doll stuff, as i'm moving next year. yeah, i know i'm early, but i need to get rid of the stuff i've repainted. it's starting to pile up.

sorry about the volume and quality of pictures. i just needed to get as much posted as possible. i go a long time between updates.

so i've been taping a few episodes of Finola and Friends, the all-doll talk show. these are some clips, as these episodes will air on ebay later. (you guys get first dibs or bids on my dolls! and i only want a few bucks for 'em!)

dolls i'm selling, if you're interested. my ooak talk show host, Finola is there, so this is a legit picture. i don't want to get in trouble.

this is the dance n' flex teresa doll wearing Swan Lake Fairy Queen Teresa's outfit. the jewelry is custom, including the earrings, necklace and crown. i can make more, if anyone wants.

Maskerade Madness Chelsea repaint. i know, she has such a strange expression! she's a tad scary. any suggestions? i've redone her at least three times already.

some girl in a purple dress. she's one of my best-looking dolls so far. she'll come with the dress if you'd like.

my doll, Belinda, who tried to sell on ebay 7 times, but didn't get bidders. *cries* she has a strange expression on her face, too. i like her, though.

tada! my pierced Max Steele doll! woot woot! he comes with pants, but no shirt (i don't have one for him). i'll include shorts if you want 'em.

i am seriously cheap about selling these dolls (except for Finola). i'm talking about $5 a doll. i pack 'em small to keep shipping down, too! multiple dolls means saving on shipping. i'm just too lazy to post on ebay right now.

help a friend out! if they don't make it on ebay after one or two listings, they go to the thrift store! noooooooooooo!!!!! (also, most haven't had their pant sealed yet, so you can change 'em still)
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