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my camera's finally functioning!

yay! i have new doll art! woot woot! *dances around*

i haven't named her yet, so i'm open to suggestions. beware about naming her something to do with her hair colour. it's a wig, and i'm planning on getting various unnatural-coloured wigs for her.

for now, i'm calling her "Teal", as that's the colour of her wig. by the way, it's a Charles Josef wig. if you read a recent issue of Barbie Bazaar, you know that's high end wigging. (it was $12 plus shipping on ebay)

pardon the glare. she was originally Think Pink Barbie, the rockstar. i had turned her into the a badly painted sun (her hair was painted), but i decided she needed to be cooler.

again, please pardon the glare. she has light green eyes with the cat-eye lashes. she looks a lot nicer in person, btw.

i dug out my clothing patterns the other day and got active with sewing some dresses. i'm in love with the duckie dress, modeled by my volks doll of me, Beth. ^_~ the duck dress was made from a Garden Ridge bandana (one dress=half a bandana!); the other used material left over from a 1810's dress my mom made me. (btw, the collar came from a cat outfit)

Teal got a tattoo, my small attempt at a black widow spider. i wanted her to be really tough, not taking poo from people.

'nother picture of the spider. their faces really showed up well in this photo.

stupid glare! this is Teal without her wig. she's quite pretty bald, but i think i'll keep her wig on. maybe i'll get a pixie wig for her next. (i'm in love with her lip colour)

hope you enjoyed the photos!
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