November 16th, 2004

innocent seersucker

lotsa pictures!

hey, i've got a lot to post. i've been cleaning out all of my doll stuff, as i'm moving next year. yeah, i know i'm early, but i need to get rid of the stuff i've repainted. it's starting to pile up.
cut for your protection. definetly work safe!Collapse )
i am seriously cheap about selling these dolls (except for Finola). i'm talking about $5 a doll. i pack 'em small to keep shipping down, too! multiple dolls means saving on shipping. i'm just too lazy to post on ebay right now.

help a friend out! if they don't make it on ebay after one or two listings, they go to the thrift store! noooooooooooo!!!!! (also, most haven't had their pant sealed yet, so you can change 'em still)
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