Bella's First Tattoo!

Hi cuties, how are you doing? I know this community's dead, BUT I've got some news for you! I've got my first tattoo last nigh! Just was bored, and decided to do it!


It's a bluebell on my right hip. It has no specific meaning, I've choosen the bluebell flower just cos my name is Bella, so it's kind of connected. The tattoo is still drying, that's why it looks kind of rough, but... I already love it! ;-)
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Tinekotten me

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Hi, my name is Ellinor and this is my first post here.

5 years ago (or something like that) I made some REALLY bad make-overs on a few of my dolls. After finding this group I realized that I could save at least one or two of those dolls.

This once was a bad attempt to make a goth-barbie. When I started cleaning it (using soap) I realized that I had been smart (or dumb) enough to use something very easy to clean (I haven't figured out what yet..).

You can't really see it in the pictures but the hair has been cleaned to, revealing a really nice brown colour. I like her face but I'm not all that happy with her eyes. One of the eyes (the left one) has a brown line drawn over its original brown line (sorry for the crappy explanation) and I would like to get rid of that somehow. I think it's pen so I may have to repaint that part. What kind of colours do you use?

Does anyone know how to fix her hair? It's very frissy and tousled and I don't know if it's possible to save it or if I have to buy her a wig or somehow replace it. She has already got some bold spots so maybe a total make-over would be the best.

I appreciate all replies. Thanks in advance.
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two new dolls

finally got some OOAKing done today. painted two dollies, both barbies. both had half-paints (where i painted one eye and left the original paint on the other), but i just redid them completely. they look very amazing to me. the second is only a partial repaint; i left her lips as they were, though i added fangs (she looked like a vampire to me).
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Matt O'Neill ooak project tips?

i'm planning to buy a Matt O'Neill doll on ebay pretty soon. (at least, i hope to do so, because he's cheaper than Sean O'Neill) a few things confuse me right now. one, how do i take off his head to reroot? the one i have chosen is blonde (a cheap one on ebay), and i'd like to change his hair. i attepted to take off my Tyler's head, and failed, luckily not braking her. second, i want to change his jawline. i've seen repaints on ebay where they've resculpted his face, but they didn't reveal their methods. this is severely confusing to me. if i can't figure it out, i'm just going to save for a Sean doll instead. (as he has the nicer looking face; no icky jaw)

in other news, i haven't been repainting much. just knitting til the cows come home. i've stopped temporarily to work on a human-sized project, which is depressing me. (i can't finish it as quickly as the doll-sized pieces) i've been thinking about making doll-sized knitting for my Tyler or Barbie, but i want them to actually WORK and not just be for show. (really, i'm going to knit with the dinky needles!) i've tried with toothpicks, but the ends are too sharp. should i just file them down? also, it didn't work well with the yarn i have; the yarn reccomends size 6 needles, i think, though. is there such a thing as a smaller gauge yarn? i know smaller needles exist, but i want to find smaller yarn. i've considered using embroidery floss instead of actual yarn, but i thought that it wouldn't give the same effect as yarn. i haven't tried it yet, so this is just theory for now. if/when i do try it, i'll post pictures here.

thanks for all your help, guys.
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