Tjarlie (tinekotten) wrote in rebel_barbies,

Hi, my name is Ellinor and this is my first post here.

5 years ago (or something like that) I made some REALLY bad make-overs on a few of my dolls. After finding this group I realized that I could save at least one or two of those dolls.

This is one of them:

This once was a bad attempt to make a goth-barbie. When I started cleaning it (using soap) I realized that I had been smart (or dumb) enough to use something very easy to clean (I haven't figured out what yet..).

After some scrubbing the doll looked like this:

You can't really see it in the pictures but the hair has been cleaned to, revealing a really nice brown colour. I like her face but I'm not all that happy with her eyes. One of the eyes (the left one) has a brown line drawn over its original brown line (sorry for the crappy explanation) and I would like to get rid of that somehow. I think it's pen so I may have to repaint that part. What kind of colours do you use?

Does anyone know how to fix her hair? It's very frissy and tousled and I don't know if it's possible to save it or if I have to buy her a wig or somehow replace it. She has already got some bold spots so maybe a total make-over would be the best.

I appreciate all replies. Thanks in advance.
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I know she isn't a barbie but I hope that's okay. If not you're free to delete this post.
It's nice to see someone post :) It's been ages!
I liked her as goth.
Well the goth-part was nice but it was not well done, I know because I did it. The pen I used was smeared and all-over the place. I think I'll redo the black make-up but this time I'll use a better pen.
I like to buy my barbies all frazzled at the salvation army and such. I use just regular old conditioner to get the tangles out. Smear it on, let it sink in for a few minutes and then very gently begin the hour-long process of working the tangles out. XD That hair is definitely salvagable though.